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Weapon Builder Pro

0.99 usd

Weapon Builder is a fun app that allows the user to use their creativity to build a custom weapon on their Android device and export it as a graphic to share.Some key highlights of the pro version of this application include;+ No advertisements+ Choose from over 400 different parts! Thats 250+ more parts than the free version!+ Save your build so you can reload it at a later time and continue working on it+ Share your build as an image file across social media sites, email or text message+ Move items freely (no snapping) around the screen+ Rotate and scale items on demand using pinch gestures+ Flip items dynamically+ Place items on top or behind other items on the screen by using the bring up or send back feature+ Rotate and Flip items+ Intuitive options menu is activated when an item is selected+ Color picker menu to change item colors+ Style items with camo and other textures---------------------------------Pistol Builder available on the app store at;
Weapon images courtesy of Dr.Noob at